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2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Review And Release Date

The Japanese carmaker is introducing the 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid. It is a new hatchback car with new design and engine variants. You can look for many new interior features from the new Auris Hybrid car. The car is designed with various standard equipments in order to make it more aggressive. The passenger who travels in Auris Hybrid car will get more benefit from its convenience and security features.

 Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015

Exterior and Interior

There will be some changes made in the exterior of Auris Hybrid car. Dimension will be little bit lower, but lighter and longer than its predecessors. It has an ideal angle windshield with a rain sensor. It will have 17 inches of aluminum wheel with longer wheelbase. It has an extended panorama roof over the upper part of the car. It has more cargo space and the front end will come with one stripe grille. The body type of Auris Hybrid will arrive in three trim levels including Icon, Icon plus and Excel. The front wheel fenders will be little bit pronounced and the roof will slightly fall to hold the body.

 Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Interior

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Interior

Interior of Auris Hybrid is designed with standard fabric cloth seats and advanced equipments. It features dashboard with trapezoid instrument panel, Go navigation system on icon plus and metallic accents etc. The front air bags, rear air bags, seat belts, driver and passenger side air bags are some of the notable security features available in Auris Hybrid car.

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Engine and Mileage

 Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Engine

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Engine

You can find several engine options in the new Auris Hybrid car. The first engine will be a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine to produce 90 horsepower. The second engine will be a 1.8 liter petrol engine; it generates 136 horsepower and 105 lb feet of torque. The car can achieve the top speed of 63 mph. The fuel economy of Auris Hybrid car in icon and icon plus trim stands at 62 mpg for combined drive.

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2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Price and Release Data

 Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Rear View

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2015 Rear View

The details about price of Auris Hybrid car are not yet revealed by Toyota, but it is estimated to range from $ 17,000 to $ 25,000. The new Auris hybrid will be available for sale in US market in the spring of 2015.

Any person who is seeking for a new generation hatchback car with good performance and attractive exterior look can look for 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid. The new Auris Hybrid car will be available in different trim levels and body styles.

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 Eco Friendly Toyota Auris – Video

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