2015 Toyota FCV

With the launch of 2015 Toyota FCV, Toyota will have another feather in its cap. This hydrogen based Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) promises zero emission. The automaker has already reached an agreement with FirstElement Fuels. Meaning, charging the car battery will be even more convenient. Not to be forgotten, as the FCV will be no-emission car, you could easily enter the carpool lane driving it and cut down on your commuting span.

Toyota FCV 2015

Toyota FCV 2015

Exterior and Interior Details

The car does look speed friendly. Its lines and curves are evidence to it. It is 191.7 inches long while its wheelbase measures 109.4 inches. The air intakes are huge and take a large amount of space in the front. In fact, it is amazing to see the narrow headlights, which are enough powerful to guide the driver through the night. The intakes cover the center, and the right and left areas have open spaces, which the carmaker claims would help in improving the aerodynamics of the 2015 Toyota FCV. The side view of the car is sleek and soft with the accent line that starts from the rear rocker panels and curves upwards towards the rear. The fluidity of the accent line symbolizes the conversion of air to water, according to Toyota. The rear has the distinct looking taillight, which runs its entire width.

Toyota FCV 2015

Toyota FCV 2015 Interior 

The interior is well spaced for 4 adults. It does have the futuristic look as TFT screens adorn the dashboard. The 2015 Toyota FCV will have the lock-in safety feature wherein several features that could be distracting for the driver would be locked when the car is moving. These features like navigation etc. can only be operated by the passenger. Toyota has not yet revealed the number of trim options that will be available.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV 2015

Toyota FCV 2015 Engine 

Built on the lines of hybrid-electric vehicle, this Toyota car is equipped with a battery pack that will charge itself every time you would push the brakes. As understood, there is no engine per se but a hydrogen tank. Oxygen is sucked in from the atmosphere and it is forced to react with hydrogen resulting in energy, which drives the FCV. The promised power should not be less than 134 hp and the car is expected to reach 60mph in 10 seconds.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Toyota FCV

Its US price has not yet been revealed but based on its price in Yen, it should be around $69,000. The FCV should be ready to be sold around the last quarter of 2015 or early 2016.

Toyota FCV 2015

Toyota FCV 2015 Rear View 

The FCV will not please your senses if you are looking for speed. However, if you wish to drive around the city without the guilt of polluting the environment then the FCV is your perfect road buddy. The look of the 2015 Toyota FCV should appeal to drivers of all ages.

Eco Friendly Hybrid Car: Toyota FCV: Video

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