2015 Toyota Hilux Here – Interesting Facts

2015 Toyota Hilux is a pickup truck, which looks beautiful. Yes, Toyota has achieved what many people only wished when they saw a pickup truck; they wanted it to be more aesthetically sound. So, with this car, you will not have to be guilty for possessing an eyesore.

2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux

Exterior and Interior Details of 2015 Toyota Hilux

As evident from the pictures, the vehicle is high on aesthetics. Nevertheless, it does not lose its worthiness as a pickup truck. The model surely looks sturdy with strong lines all along its silhouette. The carmaker promises that it will improve its aerodynamics to a great deal. The front bumper is an eye catcher. It has a modified design and makes this model look different from the current one. Moreover, the grille is not just the regular feature of the truck anymore; the chromium bars running across it increase the front’s stylish appeal. In short, if you only looked at the front, you would think you were looking at a sedan.

2015 Toyota Hilux Interior

2015 Toyota Hilux Interior

As a driver, you will enjoy an all-black dashboard promising easy viewing of instruments there. Other commendable features are climate control, advanced infotainment with easy satellite navigation. Seats will have leather upholstery and the leather touch will continue on its trim too.

Engine and Mileage Specifications of 2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux Engine

2015 Toyota Hilux Engine

It is a diesel vehicle with a 3-litre turbo engine with 144hp and 253 lb-ft of torque. The company has not revealed much about its capabilities. However, early test drive reports say that the vehicle starts with a noise, which subsides later on. The engine will also have the Toyota’s VNT intercooler feature; a technique that cools air that enters the induction system and allows an increased amount of air and fuel to power up the engine. Hence, better performance is guaranteed in every situation. It will be available in both manual and automatic transmission.

While the current model has 5000 pounds of towing capacity, the upcoming Hilux has 6500 pounds. Its mileage is calculated at 32 mpg.

Price and Release Date

As per speculations, the truck should not cost more than $40,000 and should be available for possession around the fall of 2015.

Remember, it is a pickup truck, which will definitely benefit you if you travel with cargo related to your business. The towing capacity proves that its engine is strong. Its styling details cannot be missed either. Overall, 2015 Toyota Hilux can help you do business with panache.

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