2015 Toyota Mirai Engine And Specifications

2015 Toyota Mirai is one of the pioneering cars and is now once again coming as the hydrogen electric cars.  It is based on the Prius platform and this means it is easier and lighter.

2015 Toyota Mirai

2015 Toyota Mirai

Exterior and Interior

The exterior is expected to be something fresh. Both the front and back will be aggressive with slim Led tail lights and head lights and also big air intakes offering the car a wider stance. There is a sloped rear window giving a sports car fit look.

Toyota Mirai Interior

Toyota Mirai Interior

On the interior, it will be spacious. The inside will resemble the Prius, but will have unique features. On the dashboard it will be equipped with an 8 inch screen to control the satellite navigation, audio system and air conditioning. The standard will be the electric seats and environment-friendly leather ensuring comfortable traveling. This model will have a hydrogen-powered presentable futuristic design. This design will be retained and the car will be a four door sedan.

Side View of 2015 Toyota - Mirai

Side View of 2015 Toyota – Mirai

Engine and Mileage

This vehicle has no petrol powered engine. It uses hydrogen tank in one high capacity and this is supplied to a fuel cell to make electricity. It can run more than 300 miles with one charge of hydrogen, and it costs not more than a fuel tank of gas. Referring to the engine, it will get a small electric motor providing 152 horsepower and torque of 247 lb-ft. It is expected to have autonomy of 483 km. But, if it runs out of hydrogen, it will take only five minutes to refill the tank.

Toyota Mirai Engine - 2015

Toyota Mirai Engine – 2015

The operating parameters use fuel cells instead of batteries and are the same as any battery procedure. These are supplied with hydrogen gas and oxygen to produce electricity. The patent fuel cells represent a major step forward in the driving force. It attains extremely high performance. The cells are under the front of the seat with passenger and driver. It is possible to deliver 155 hp and can be accelerated to 100 km in around 9 seconds and the acceleration from 45 to 60 km may be done in three seconds.

2015 Toyota Mirai Price and Release Date

The car will start at $75,000 right now and is expected to release only in the last months of 2015.

This is an ideal choice for any small family on an average. 2015 Toyota Mirai will provide its customers something new and revolutionary completely that you can always be proud.

2015 – Toyota Mirai Amazing Car – Video

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