2015 Toyota Zelas

2015 Toyota Zelas is already known to present a high level of comfort and this is no diverse with the 2015 Zelas Concept. 2015 Zelas Concept is a powerful car as well as it has two-door and it keeps alive the strength of the Japanese Toyota, but without lose the distinction and the stylishness found with this car.

2015 - Toyota Zelas

2015 – Toyota Zelas

Exterior and Interior

Previous to the Toyota 86, the Zelas was Toyota’s sub AED 100k sport coupe. Whether it was because of its price tag, front wheel drive platform, or else slightly strange design, the Zelas never fairly caught on. Though, it has been brought back for 2015 and pompously flaunts its coupe build. Only obtainable in Sport trim, the 2015 Toyota Zelas model showcases tidy headlights and taillights, a trim upper grille, a colossal hexagonal lower grille as well as artificial plastic inserts in its bumper to add to its sport pretensions.

2015 - Toyota Zelas Interior

2015 – Toyota Zelas Interior

 The Zelas is the cheapest Toyota coupe on sale, and fairly frankly, it feels it too. With hard plastics crossways the door panels, centre console as well as dashboard, along with dated A/C control and a tremendously simplistic radio system, it’s tough to describe the Zelas as anything separately from economical. The silver lining to this or else rather grey cloud, is the detail that the 2015 Zelas is equipped with back seats that can in fact accommodate average sized adults, not like its 86 sibling.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Toyota Zelas

2015 - Toyota Zelas Engine

2015 – Toyota Zelas Engine

The 2.5-liter engine that is set up with the 2015 Toyota Zelas Concept is able of making 178 hp in 6000 rpm whilst the maximum torque is 23.8 kg number of the round for 4100 rpm. The transmission is 6-speed mechanical, 4-cylinder and 16 valves. Other engine features are anti-lock brake system or ABS, Speed control feature, air pressure with the tire, electronic stability, traction control as well as electronic fuel injection. The car would also have several airbags, Brake Assist, multi-function navigation wheel with back parking sensors to help whilst parking.

Price and Release Date of 2015 Toyota Zelas

The 2014 Zelas model was sold 28,730 dollars which means that 2015 Zelas Concept might be sold at about the same price. However, the day to start manufacture is yet to be announced.

2015 - Toyota Zelas Rear View

2015 – Toyota Zelas Rear View

Just like one of its main competitors the Hyundai Veloster, the Zelas is probable to be found attractive by those who place car appearance significantly higher than car performance. The 2015 Toyota Zelas is as sporty as Chess is perilous.

Comfortable and ELegant: Toyota Zelas: Video

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