2016 Toyota Avalon


Elevated style coupled with brilliant front end gets an awesome response to 2016 Toyota Avalon. This brings an exalted presence of the exterior and tough performance too. Turning the luxury car with more sophisticated styling leads to ultimate perfection with Toyota. The crowds at auto expo stunned to believe the striking and enhanced design. As the successful manufacturers of luxury cars, Toyota occupies a significant place which is set to truth with brand new Avalon.

2016 - Toyota Avalon

2016 – Toyota Avalon

Elegant Exterior and Impressive Interior

The exterior is predominantly sculpted in brilliant styling. The bonnet, bumper and grille have changed to a little extent, giving finer touch to the 2016 Toyota Avalon. Safety and convenience are on the positive degree to maximize the solace of the passengers. The refreshed Avalon extends the comfort drive to the modern world. Exterior comprises the updated LED lights and alloy wheels, accumulate a remarkable attention from the viewers.

2016 - Toyota Avalon Interior

2016 – Toyota Avalon Interior

An impressive compilation of interior specifications ensures the responsive atmosphere within the luxury provided. Light gray interior and wood grain dashboard unveils the matchless beauty of all new Avalon. A monitor system, including tire-specific pressure perfectly. Dynamic cruise control sensed via RADAR is implied in the new Avalon. Multimedia and powerful audio system empower the long drives with optimum entertainment and comfort.

Rear View of 2016 - Toyota Avalon

Rear View of 2016 – Toyota Avalon

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Toyota Avalon

The finest design of Toyota Avalon entitles the customers with perfect styling and appearance. The engine of the spectacular model of Avalon is run by 3.5 ltr V6. The car holds 268 horsepower engine as same as the previous version. The electric system accumulates the magnified comfort in driving as the four-cylinder engine takes care of the same. The extreme joy of driving is gifted and the distinguished comfort is added to the beauty of the vehicle. Efficient fuel consumption is on the go which drags the customers’ interest.

2016 Toyota - Avalon Engine

2016 Toyota – Avalon Engine

2016 Toyota Avalon Price and Release Date

After reading the specs of interior and exterior of 2016 Toyota Avalon, you might be eager to know the release date. It comes to the road in August of 2015. The price of the comfort also renewed within the range of $35,000 to $42,000.

Redesigned wheels give a finer response from the audience and interior gifts a mild makeover to the passengers. 2016 Toyota Avalon is a wonderful and sportier luxury car that encircle the passengers within notable comfort.

2016 – Toyota Avalon – Youtube Video

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