2016 Toyota FT-Bh

The 2016 Toyota FT-Bh came into the attention in Geneva auto show. This hybrid car has a extremely unique design as well as all indications point to the vehicle being less in weight compare to its predecessor which was above 800kgs. This darling would be ultra-light weighing at 786kg. In adding it is a extremely economical in terms of fuel use compared to its close up rivals.

Toyota FT-Bh 2016

Toyota FT-Bh 2016

Exterior and Interior

This vehicle is incredibly unique in every feature of the word. It never fail to make a feeling at first sight. It display a futuristic appeal and it is extremely diverse to the cars that populace are familiar to. In fact it is extremely different compare to the cars that are continually running on the road. The unique and imposing look of this 2016 FT-Bh is a devotion to Toyota’s next-Gen car. The aspect of this cars is 3985 by 1695 by 1400mm. The wheelbase has elongation of 2570mm. Its unique concept is meant at achieving optimal fuel as well as engine efficiency, decrease in weight, decrease in cruise resistance as well as the managing of thermal energy.

Toyota FT-Bh 2016

Toyota FT-Bh 2016 Interior

As well as the exterior, the interior has a enormous new look. The inside will amaze you with its cool new in addition to unique design which is characterized with curly shapes as well as an out-of-this-world dashboard.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Toyota FT-Bh

Toyota FT-Bh 2016

Toyota FT-Bh 2016 Engine 

The 2016 Toyota FT-Bh  performance is similar to no other. The superior aerodynamics encompass in this car and its highly condensed weight coupled with an extremely powerful power-train whose weight is as well extremely light makes it a wonderful fast vehicle. In addition the cruise resistance is decreased which automatically lead to a reduced and economical fuel use. It can voyage a whopping 100km with merely 2.1La. What’s more attractive is that it poses to improve the decrease of carbon dioxide which is considerably low at on 49g/km.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Toyota FT-Bh

The price of 2016 Toyota FT-Bh  has not been announce on an authorized capacity however its set to be released in 2015 throughout the first quarter.

Toyota FT-Bh 2016

Toyota FT-Bh 2016 Rear View 

Toyota engineers ended up pretty hectic in new years. To be a concluding result, there have been a set of concept autos produced. In all likelihood most fruitful year was 2012, when couple concept cars as well as trucks were introduced. Amongst them, at Geneva car show we might see 2016 Toyota FT-Bh  concept which might have its manufacture products.

Highly Anticipated Eco Car: Toyota FT-Bh 2016: Video

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