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2016 Toyota Sienna – Engine And Mileage Specifications

2016 Toyota Sienna is a new family minivan car. It will reach the US market with minor changes and modifications. The Sienna family car offers enhanced fuel efficiency and good engine performance. You can predict many new technology features from the interior of the car. The minivan car will have a stylish outer look. Exterior

2016 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro – Release Date And Specification

2016 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro is a fifth generation mid size SUV car. The 4runner TRD pro car will be available in 3 trim levels. The SUV car comes with lots of improvements made in its exterior and interior designs. The mid size car is equipped with modern hi-tech components in order to provide better engine performance.

2016 Toyota Supra Release Date And Specifications

2016 Toyota Supra is a comfortable sports car that accommodate drivers needs. Toyota is bringing a different version version of Supra to amaze the world by its performance and design. Exterior and Interior The exterior is coming in stunning four colors namely, red, white, grey and blue. It is awe inspiring and features both headlamps and

2016 Toyota Corolla – Engine, Specs & Price

2016 Toyota Corolla is super special because it will be launched in the year when Toyota completes its 50 years. The carmaker has revealed that there will be much to like about the car as much on the outside as on the inside. Exterior and Interior of 2016 Toyota Corolla As per the updates, Toyota

2016 Toyota Camry Redesign – Perfect Option For Long Graceful Drive

2016 Toyota Camry Redesign is an upcoming car which has a splendid exterior design and style. This sterling car arrives with lots of technological improvements and great performing engine. This vehicle has the ability to hit longer speed with adequate fuel consumption. Exterior and Interior of 2016 Toyota Camry Redesign This car will have a

2016 Toyota RAV4 – A Hybrid Vehicle With Powerful Demeanor

The big rumor is that the 2016 Toyota RAV4 is all set to come in a new look. Hence, those, who were not quite impressed with the 2013 model, they definitely have something to look forward to. Exterior and Interior Details of 2016 Toyota RAV4 In order to make it appear different from its predecessor,

2016 Toyota Hilux: Specifications

About 2016 Toyota Hilux The net is going creazy with pictures of the new 2016 Toyota Hilux, while it was being tested on the highways of Western Europe. Though it was carefully masked to hide all the new features, the auto-spies could make out significant changes in looks and specifications of this new Hilux. We