Toyota SF-R sports car Concept

Toyota SF-R sports car Concept, if goes into production, will be a small but powerful sports car. It will be lightweight with some cool exterior and fine interior design. Performance wise, SF-R will be close to Fiat 124 Spider and Mazda MX-5.

Toyota SF-R Sports Car

Toyota SF-R

Exterior and interior details

As with all other sports car, the SF-R has a design that supports its ability to be speedy. The hood is long and the windshield has a mild slant to it. The roof has a soft curve before it slopes to form the rear windshield. The grille is vast and wide and has intricate mesh design. The headlamps are round and fit flush with the body. The bodylines are soft and subtle. Hence, in no way, will the wind find any obstruction when SF-R runs mightily down the road or track. The hood has minor wavy folds on it, which improve the aerodynamics of the car. A look at the rear reveals that the design is minimalistic. The tail lamps look elegant and the small spoiler gives the rear a balanced look. As per the manufacturer, the spoiler would keep SF-R stable when it assumes high speed.

Toyota SF-R Sports Car - Interior

Toyota SF-R – Interior

The inside look is again simple and the controls are well concentrated around the steering wheel. There is no touch screen but a bunch of simple gadgets. The 3-spoke steering wheel is small and thus, should be easy to maneuver. A 360-look around makes you notice a good number of storage spots. The adjustable seats have attractive trim based on the color of the car. So if your SF-R is yellow, you would get seats with yellow piping and other highlights in the same color.

Engine information of Toyota SF-R sports car Concept

Toyota SF-R Sports Car - Side and Rear View

Toyota SF-R – Side and Rear View

Toyota has been tightlipped in this regard. However, officials have been giving out little details about the engine. According to them, it will be a 4-cylinder NA (Naturally Aspirated) 1.5-liter capable of producing 130HP. Research has shown that NA engines are more reliable and Toyota is relying on this factor. The engine will have 6-speed manual transmission. Therefore, there is a high possibility that it will be fuel efficient and more suitable for frequent weekend long drives.

Price and release date of Toyota SF-R sports car Concept

Toyota SF-R Sports Car

Toyota SF-R

Price is dollars is not yet announced but as per its price in yen, it should be $12,484. Toyota engineers and officials are working to get the car into production as soon as possible. But it will not be anytime sooner than 2018.

Next Gen Sports Car: Toyota SF-R Concept: Video

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